Stay within the projects that have the support of CVC Corp

CVC Corp creates and distributes by its different brands and business units travel products and services aiming at providing to the Brazilians the access to travels, developing tourist regions, generating jobs and growing together with this sector that has been more and more strengthened in the Brazilian and world economy.

The company is an intermediary of services and performs its activities according to the preservation politics in force in the tourist regions, valuing the local culture and traditions and encouraging the tourism as a socially fair and economically viable leisure activity.

CVC also supports projects regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, by sponsorships with incentive funds, such as:


Trilha Jovem 

Since 2014, CVC Corp has been supporting the Trilha Jovem project, which takes place in one of the most visited tourist destinations by Brazilians and foreigners, in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná State. Carried out by POLOIGUASSU – Instituto Polo Internacional Iguassu (Iguassu International Pole Institute), it is a member of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) the project and is focused on the development and socio-professional insertion of young people from low-income families of Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná State, in the tourism sector and correlative areas. In 2014, Trilha Jovem awarded the Prêmio Braztoa de Sustentabilidade (Braztoa Sustainability Award) for being the best case among the tour operators in Brazil, enrolled by CVC Corp, and also acknowledged with the Prêmio de Boas Práticas em Turismo (Best Practices in Tourism Award) delivered by the Secretary of Tourism and Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Assistance to Micro and Small Enterprises). In 2017, the company renewed its support to the project through FUMCAD – Fundo de Apoio à Criança e ao Adolescente (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents).

Espro – Ensino Social Profissionalizante  

CVC Corp is one of the supporter companies of the Programa de Formação para o Mundo do Trabalho, Oficinas de Convivência Familiar e Geração de Renda – 2018 (Education Program for Work, Family Interaction and Income Generation Workshops), carried out by Espro – Ensino Social Profissionalizante (Professional Social Education), a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, with the goal of providing socio-professional education of young people from 14 year old and directly act in partnership with the relatives of these young children in risky situation, through workshops for income generation, access mediation and work integration. More than 28,000 young people are annually supported (data taken from the Espro annual report of activities of 2015) by projects and socio-assistance and socio-educational actions developed by the institution, and over 15,000 social services were carried out by the Espro’s Núcleo de Apoio e Desenvolvimento Social (Support and Social Development Center).

Projeto Locomotiva 

The Locomotiva Porject is a non-profit organization that supports through music classes children and teenagers (aged 7-17) of Parque João Ramalho district in Santo André city, in São Paulo State, a high risk area. Since 2016, CVC Corp supports this institution through FUMCAD – Fundo de Apoio à Criança e ao Adolescente (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents).
With these classes, children and teenagers are encouraged by the project to develop their intellectual and musical potential, improve also their skills regarding team work, focus, self-discipline, patience, sensibility and motor coordination, important skills for personal and professional development. This program also considers de inclusion of disabled people, adapting the music classes to the respective special need.