Get to know how our history began

It all started in 1972, when CVC was founded as a travel agency that provided bus tours. Over the time, CVC has innovated and grown becoming the largest travel company of Brazil.

The history of CVC Corp started being officially told in 2009, when the company was purchased by one of the largest private equity funds of the world.

Then, the process of perpetuating the brand and business in the travel segment began, which at the end of 2013 culminated in the arrival of the company on the stock exchange, being the only tourism operator to enter the market of the highest level of corporate governance requirement.

Always ahead of its time and being, it was ready for another evolving phase: its debut in new segments of the sector, complementary to leisure trips, by purchasing companies.

CVC Corp’s history was given new chapters from 2015 on, in a gradual and consistent way, with the arrival of leading companies, which were well-reputed and expert at different travel branches, whose businesses were structured according to the same organizational and management model, joining efforts, scale gains and productivity in just one group that is stronger and ready to compete in new markets.


We are present through different companies in the segments of vacation and leisure travels, business travels and those ones related to courses and cultural exchange program, via brick-and-mortar stores, digital platforms and multi-brand stores, and our brands gather more than 100 years of expertise at creating, distributing and making the trip of dreams come true, providing the best travel experience to our customers.

Find out more about our journey by watching the video below: