Ethics Channel and Code of Ethical Conduct

CVC Corp has entered into a partnership with Contato Seguro, a third party company and totally exempt, for you to send a statement of conduct that is not in accordance with the Code of Ethical Conduct.

This company serves organizations from different segments, in several States of Brazil. This contributes to the transparency process and to the maintenance of the ethical principles of customers.

The Ethics Channel is a safe and anonymous tool, used by employees of companies which are customers of Contato Seguro, so that they can inform the occurrence of potentially harmful facts to their companies.

A specialized team from Contato Seguro will receive calls or messages via website (below), make a first analysis and direct statements to the ethics Committee, responsible for the investigation. This Committee will carry out the appropriate analysis and investigations, as well as take the necessary measures, when necessary.

No employees will be identified and everyone who accesses this channel will receive a protocol number, with which they will be able to access the channel again and find out how the matter they reported is.


Website and Communication Channels

Brazil: 0800 800 8606

Argentina: 0800 345 8128

USA: 1 (800) 741-9246