Environmental Initiatives

Building on the development of new socio-environmental criteria for products and services, CVC Corp seeks to promote end-to-end conscious travel, with a commitment to reducing pollution and the carbon footprint, in addition to promoting better use and management of natural resources – that’s why we created the CVC Sustainability Standard (2021) to review our work processes and also to mobilize business partners on this journey. We want to adopt good internal practices and expand them to our partners. Sustainability is not made alone: we start internally and bring our partners along on this journey.

With a focus on respect and appreciation of host communities and the conservation and regeneration of Brazilian biodiversity, we created the CVC Institute (2021). We understand that generating economic-financial development is no longer enough to ensure that destinations continue to grow and develop. Therefore, in addition to promoting the generation of economic value in the host communities, we will work to maintain the biodiversity of Brazilian biomes, which is the great driver of tourism in our country.

The Institute’s vocation is to support programs in the destinations where CVC Corp operates, to encourage businesses with positive and sustainable impacts, which prove its ability to be effective in these fields and have synergy with the Institute’s SDGs. It also has the mission of co-participating in initiatives of other civil society organizations or companies and may help win awards and recognitions aimed at valuing sustainable initiatives. On the CVC Institute website, you can find ideas for trips with purpose, with a travel program that combines sustainability and citizenship, but also culture, where we discuss topics such as the history and heritage of indigenous peoples to Brazil.

In another important step in its sustainability journey, CVC Corp, together with SENAC – National Service for Commercial Learning, developed and launched, in April 2022, a Training Program in Responsible Tourism. The program combines concepts, practices and trends around sustainable tourism with the strategic objectives of REprograma.

Educational training is aimed at 100% of the operator’s partner companies in Receptive Tourism in Brazil, the Products/Sourcing team and Reconecta CVC Corp volunteers, who work on the Education and Environment workstreams. Lasting 4 months (from April to July 202), the program is structured in 5 educational modules and provides for awards and recognition of the best cases.

The Responsible Tourism learning journey, focusing on literacy, awareness and inspiring good practices, is being taught to more than 300 participants, covering topics such as socio-environmental development in tourist experiences, inclusion and diversity in sustainable tourism, eco-efficiency and environmental awareness.

6 – clean water and sanitation

12 – responsable consumption and production

14 – life below water

15 – life on land